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Into the Blu

Enhance your Blu-ray Disc production
dr. schwab IT's latest technical developments and innovations for Blu-ray Disc manufacturing

New IQPC blu inline scanners for BD recordable

Intermediate scanner for LTH manufacturing

Two different technologies are used to manufacture today's recordable Blu-ray Discs. HTL (High to Low) with an inorganic recording layer causes the reflectivity of the disc after recording to change from high to low while LTH (Low to High), using an organic recording layer, changes the signal polarity from low to high.

dr. schwab's inline inspection system IQPC blu, used as final scanner, is suitable for both production processes to detect defects and to do layer thickness measurements including evaluation of thickness variation.

For BD-Rs manufactured with the LTH method dr. schwab now offers a significant improvement for process optimization. In addition to the final analysis and quality check an intermediate scanner monitors the layers directly after the sputtering and spin coating process. Dye coating and Cap layer are measured separately with dr. schwab's integrated white light spectrometer. This allows immediate response on measurement results, saving material and time consuming resources. Thus a much more economic and efficient manufacturing process can be achieved, leading to a vital improvement of yield.

PTM Mastering

As one of the most relevant enhancements to the diffraction order measurement system DOMSXE-blu it offers now the integrated functionality to fully control the phase transition mastering (PTM) processes for Blu-ray discs. A high-precision spectrometer measures the thickness of phase-change layers for all types of PTM Mastering, two layers at a time, on Si-wafer and glass-masters.

Inline CLT Measurement

The spin coating process is very sensitive to changes of temperature. This is of particular importance in case of Blu-ray Disc cover layer application due to its thickness with tight variation limits. dr.schwab offers a solution for in-line layer thickness measurement directly after coating process with immediate feedback to the production line. This allows to quickly and automatically adapt process parameters in a closed loop process. Measurement is possible while the disc is moved from one station to the next by the disc handling.

Particle Counter & Temperature Sensor

Inline measurement and monitoring of the ambient air are an essential enhancement to control and optimize the production process. Measuring size and count of particles as well as temperature and humidity inside of production lines is made easy. Integrated in our Trend and Analysis software this offers the ability to monitor production yield and environmental conditions.

Environmental Tilt Measurement

The asymmetric layer structure makes Blu-ray Discs highly sensitive to environmental changes. Tight specifications require guaranteed accuracy under all climatic conditions. Therefore dr. schwab IT has developed a special off-line system for Tilt measurement inside a climate chamber. The system supports horizontal and vertical disc position and is available as one- or three-chuck version.


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