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Process Control for Glass and Thin Film PV
Float glass before and after cutting, coated glass

For quality and process control at flat glass production, dr. schwab offers several systems and solutions:

Float glass: inspection by line-scan cameras, analysis of glass stress and thickness.

After cutting: edge plus defect inspection.

For Architectural Glass as well as for Thin Film Photovoltaics (e.g. CIS/CIGS), big glass sheets are coated with multiple, very thin layers. For both, dr.schwab not only offers camera inspection, but also spectrometer-based process control solutions, revealing thickness deviations at full sample surface.

For thickness analysis of very complex layer stacks, dr.schwab developed its Multi Station Layer Thickness Analysis, where thickness is measured in-situ after several coating stations, with calculation including the results of all preceding stations.

The comprehensive process and quality control is completed by dr.schwab's powerful data analysis tools, which not only allow to correlate measurement results with a line's yield but even includes process parameter variations.

Details and brochure downloads see 'Products' -> 'Flat Glass'
and 'Products' -> 'SOLAR' -> 'FPI-solar'

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