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Process Control & Optimisation Tools

Fast and easy process control and optimisation features, developed for GEN III. Improved disc manufacturing - for Blu-ray and standard formats.
Comparison Module
For use and interpretation of the measurement results, a powerful tool which
addresses the key aspects of process optimization is needed. Basically the Comparison Module computes the difference between a single, a dozen or a hundred of measurement results under a certain actual condition. It takes the Min/Max/Average values and compares them to results when process parameters have been modified. The effects of every modification are avaliable immediately and at a glance. Also correlations between quite different process properties are revealed easily. Monitoring the process drift of a production line, even comparing multiple production lines are made easy.
Database Access
A professional database explorer provides fast access to and reliable management for numerous measurement, analysis and comparison data. Standard interfaces ensure easy integration. It offers distributed access, secure storage and a compatible management tool in every IT-environment. Online and offline access whenever and wherever you need it. Easy and fast tracking, filtering and combining for all of your measurement results.
Trend Analysis
Early recognition of variations within the process reduces costs and saves time. Statistical information and trend analysis will alert the operator when production is running towards the limit of the process window, enabling corrective action to be taken before substandard discs are produced. Trend analysis provides the opportunity for pre-emptive corrective action and improves the disc quality and the line's yield.
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