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High speed Barcode Verification


Many replicators use a barcode for tracing the discs during production, printing and packaging, as well as to avoid bonding wrong half discs or printing the wrong print.

dr. schwab offers a high-speed solution for barcode verification. The system handles the four usual barcode types, also dual barcode for DVD-9 or BD dual layer. As discs with the same content, but originating from different production lines may have different codes, the system can handle up to eight different barcodes (barcode couples).

The inspection arrangement is usually integrated into an automated line, e.g. a printing machine. Before printing the handling places the disc on the system and picks it up again after inspection to pass it over to printing machine or sort to 'not good' spindles, according to the barcode result. But the system can also be used offline. In this case the inspection is started manually via software or upon automatic disc recognition.