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FPI wafer

Inline wafer inspection
  • Inline evaluation of all properties on each wafer
  • Measurement over the complete surface on each wafer
  • Texture, layer thickness and color
  • Correlation of texture and thickness with efficiency
  • Closed loop functionality for process optimization

dr. schwab's FPIwafer is a fast and reliable inline solution to examine texturing of uncoated wafers and thickness of SiN coating on mono- and polycrystalline silicon wafers. Equipped with our proprietary series of spectrometers it allows high-speed and high-resolution measurement to analyze the spectral reflectance of wafers within the cycle time of production. The results provide detailed information about degree and uniformity of texturing, coating thickness and color.

The modular design of FPIwafer allows easy integration into any production line. The system combines high-precision measurement with closed loop feedback functionality, powerful data analysis and result presentation together with user-friendly operation.