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Quality and Process Control for Flat Glass

For flat glass production, dr. schwab offers the following standard systems (specific systems on request):

FPI float vision: Float Glass Inspection by Line-Scan Cameras

High-resolution high-speed camera inspection reveals all kinds of glass defects. Especially the critical ones like inclusions and optical distortions are classified safely by locating their position inside the glass via evaluation of the echo signal in the reflected light. Powerful data analysis tools supply the essential information to effectively improve the production process and increase the lines yield.

FPI float st & th: Glass Stress and Thickness Analysis for Float Glass
At the cold end of float glass production, the system measures glass stress, thickness, width and temperature. High density of measurement points in both directions is based on high traverse speed and sampling rate. The FPI float st & th supplies a substantial contribution to improve process uniformity and stability.

FSP G10: Edge plus Defect Inspection after Cutting
FSP G10 is an optical system assessing the contour and size of defects and edge imperfections as a result of scoring. It excels with durable camera calibration, homogeneous assessment through scan line shading, complete high pixel resolution defect images, and with a simple menu-driven operator interface.

FPI coat in-situ: Multi Station Coating Thickness plus Camera Inspection
Multiple layers are analyzed simultaneously by measuring at successive coating stations inside the glass coater (in-situ). dr. schwab's spectrometer technology enables high resolution thickness measurement. Signal multiplexing allows a high density of measurement positions to reach almost full surface analysis in one pass within production cycle. Defect inspection by a specific multi-colour line-scan camera solution may be added. The correlation of trend diagrams of various process parameters supplies a substantial contribution to improve process uniformity and stability.
Download Leaflet Glass
Leaflet FPI float vision [PDF, 0,34 MB]
Leaflet FPI float st & th [PDF, 0,33 MB]
Leaflet FSP G10 [PDF, 0,33 MB]
Leaflet FPI coat in-situ [PDF, 0,36 MB]
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