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Quick stamper quality test for replicators and manufacturers

  • Precise detection of all relevant stamper defects including eccentricity
  • Evaluation of centre hole defects and determination of a pitting value
  • Barcode reading, evaluation and quality control
  • Trend analysis with statistic defect function and trend diagram
  • Database interface

    Stamper inspection is essential as one stamper defect leads to a serial defect on all discs from this stamper. The IQPC stamper, based on dr. schwab's inline scanner IQPCblu, provides fast and precise quality check. Defect detection combined with trend analysis help to control the long-term stability of the process and assure that corrective action may be taken in time.

    To be able to determine the punch's maximum lifetime without compromising product quality, center hole inspection is indispensable. Here the stamper tester offers advanced evaluation methods resulting in a 'pitting' value which is set as reference limit. It also offers back side inspection being most important for stampers used at BD wet embossing process where even a small local unevenness at the stamper's back side may lead to deviations at the disc's L1 surface.