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Inspection of Web Material

Roll-to-roll production today finds more and more applications. Beside full surface control for multiple coatings and defect inspection on uniform material, dr. schwab also offers the inspection of running material with prints or other pattern on it. Apart from control of shape and size of the pattern, this includes the inspection for local defects inside and outside the pattern structures.

Example: Foil with repeatedly printed pattern

The foil is continuously inspected by a single line-scan camera. The correct position and size of the printed pattern is analyzed by loading and comparing the corresponding drawing file.
After matching drawing and recorded picture, the camera inspects the printed and unprinted regions for local defects, applying individual parameter sets at different regions. Border lines between the regions are masked.
With a second line illumination at bottom side, inspection in transmission reveals additional defects like bubbles inside the material or pinholes at the printed areas.
Powerful data analysis tools, including an adapted database solution, supply the essential information to effectively improve the production process and increase the lines yield.