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In-Situ Process Control for Glass Coating

Multiple layers are sputtered on glass for AR (anti-reflection) coatings or at CIGS Thin Film Photovoltaics. As it usually is not possible to measure the thickness of all single layers of the stack at the finished product, dr.schwab offers a Multi Station Layer Thickness analysis, where the results of preceding measurement stations are included for calculation.

Above picture shows 4 measurement stations with 16 measurement positions each, located in-situ after the appropriate coating station. For calculating the thicknesses of the layers after coating 2, the results from coating station 1 are included. The same at coating stations 3 and 4.

Another outstanding feature of dr.schwab's spectrometer measurement systems is the ability to analyze a big number of measurement points, using optical fibre technology. This 'almost full-surface' measurement even allows to recognize local thickness deviations.

With additional detection of local defects by line-scan-cameras plus dr.schwab's advanced software evaluation tools with database solution, all necessary components are supplied to optimize your coating process, maximize usage of the targets and minimize downtime and time for service.